Money 20/20: Intelligence Beyond the Swipe

FitPay Founder and CEO Michael Orlando will speak on a panel at the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas, November 2-5, 2014. The panel, which takes place on November 3, will explore gaining consumer insights though integrated payment data.

Panel description:

“Merchants now have the opportunity to leverage integrated payments data to gain insights into consumer behavior, reduce risk of fraud and make more informed business decisions. This session will discuss how big data and shopping insights are enabling merchants to get a detailed understanding of inventory, optimize sales and provide a seamless shopping experience across all channels.”

Conference information can be found here.


Fintech Startups Could Bolster Apple Pay Against Identity Theft

Here is an interesting post from from LetsTalkPayments.com about mobile payments and identity theft:

In the final pre-launch days, a possible issue with Apple Pay has come to light – does Apple or the card issuer know who is actually loading a credit card into Apple Passbook?  As Apple Pay and the myriad of payment alternatives become available to tens of millions of consumers, mobile payment providers and card issuers face a basic problem – is the person loading a credit card into a mobile wallet the account holder of that card? More


Why the Mobile Payments Space is the Most Exciting Space in Tech Right Now

From The Washington Post:

Why the Mobile Payments Space is the Most Exciting Space in Tech Right Now

It seems as if every big player in the tech sector is developing a mobile payment solution. It’s not just Apple Pay, which was announced with much fanfare at the big Apple launch event in early September, and reportedly could go live as early as Oct. 20. There are now rumors that Facebook is working on mobile payments. Add to the mix PayPal, Square and Google and it’s clear that some of the smartest innovators in the tech world are on the cusp of breaking the mobile payments space wide open.  More…

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Reducing Friction Through Wearables

The Open Mobile Summit, which is takes place in San Francisco this November, has posted an interesting interview with Itai Vonshak of Pebble. Vonshak discusses the role of wearables as a new breed of consumer technology and the key to a seamless consumer experience.

The interview can and information about the Summit can be found here.



Home Depot: 56M Cards Impacted, Malware Contained

Here’s a good summary by KrebsonSecurity of the data breach that Home Depot recently disclosed:

Home Depot said today that cyber criminals armed with custom-built malware stole an estimated 56 million debit and credit card numbers from its customers between April and September 2014. That disclosure officially makes the incident the largest retail card breach on record. More…




The New York Times has an interesting story about Apple Pay and privacy.  Good topic. Loved the photo behind Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive.  Holding your watch up to an old-school point of sale (POS) machine? At FitPay, we call that friction.

Here’s the full story: link.