Gartner is a leading global information technology research and advisory company. Each year, they identify innovative companies in the consumer financial services space. Fit Pay was named a 2016 Gartner Cool

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Contactless Payment

Securely digitize and personalize credit cards to a secure element on your device and enable transactions at millions of retail locations.

Secure Access

Securely issue digital keys to your device, allowing consumers to access secure locations and becoming a part of their everyday life.


Securely issue digital cards to your device and give customers the ability to use your wearable to take the subway, ride a bus or open a turnstile.

The FitPay platform drastically reduces the time-to-market, cost and complexity of payment and authentication services for wearable device OEMs.


Here are just a few of the benefits of FitPay.

For Consumers

  • Frictionless

    Leave the phone at home. Once cards are boarded and identity is established, your customer can make transactions without their phone nearby.

  • Safe

    FitPay validates your customer’s identity, handles secure authentication and prevents data compromise in the event of a lost or stolen device. 

  • Extensible

    Connected to the same tokenization schemes used by Apple, Android and Samsung Pay, FitPay allows your customer’s to digitize multiple credit or banking accounts onto their device.

  • Limitless

    Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method (CDCVM) support allows high value contactless transactions without needing to sign or enter a PIN at the point of sale.

For OEMs

  • Connected

    Fat back-end services handle complex technology integrations with a multitude of payment and authentication service providers. 

  • Simple

    Thin API and SDK makes implementation a breeze. Shorten your time to market considerably with FitPay’s developer friendly platform.

  • Flexible

    White label wallet allows FitPay to control the flow while you control the branding. If you prefer, raw API access allows total control over the entire experience.

  • Secure

    Gain peace of mind knowing that customer data will never be at risk using our fully encrypted PCI Level 1 compliant infrastructure.

Industry Accolades

Winner of the Comerica Bank and RocketSpace 2015 Wearable FinTech Startup Challenge

Selected from among more than 800 startups to participate in Plug and Play Tech FinTech Accelerator

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